Welcome to the Bits of Good Design Bootcamp!

What: 10 weeks of class (each class will be roughly 45-min lecture & 45-min in-class workshops)

When: Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm

Where: Skiles Room 256

Table of Contents


<aside> πŸ’Œ Design bootcampers will spend 10 weeks learning the fundamentals of product design and design process. Bootcampers will be paired up and work over the course of the semester in developing a design case study where they can apply the skills they learn throughout the bootcamp and end up with a piece they can include in their design portfolio.


Point of Contact

<aside> ❓ Have questions? Reach out to any of the instructors - Chaeeun Park, she/her ([email protected], 678-438-9965) Simon, they/any ([email protected]) Joyce Shen, she/her ([email protected], 669-249-8465)



Instructor Contact Portfolio/Socials/etc
Chaeeun Park (she/her) [email protected] http://www.chaeeunpark.com
Joyce Shen [email protected] https://www.joyceshen.me/
Simon Zhang [email protected] https://simonzhang.design

Expectations of Students

πŸ’ͺ Stay committed

πŸ’» Do your work